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Ahhh Florida, each year you give us the most baffling crime stories. How did they really think this was going to turn out? On Dec. 29, 2022 the Polk County Sheriffs office responded to a 911 call of two alleged burglars. Turns out, it wasn’t the owner of the home that called for help, but the robbers themselves! 23-year-old Martin Gonzalez-Garcia and 22-year-old Ashializ Roldan-Oscasio were mid-burglary when one of them called 911 and asked for help “moving their belongings.” I don’t know many sheriff offices that doubles as a moving company, so that was an interesting strategy.

Deputies say that the couple was in the home because they were cold and needed a place to sleep. However, this was AFTER they allegedly committed another crime. According to Fox News, after he was read his Miranda rights, Martin confessed to burglary at a Dollar General and breaking into the home. The arrest affidavit says: “Martin stated he knew what he did was wrong, but needed the money. Martin stated he knew the residence was not his and did not have permission to be in, but had to get inside to get out of the cold.”

Deputies DID help them with their belongings, but instead of bringing them to the airport like they’d hoped, they went to Polk County Jail. They were both charged with burglary of a residence and Gonzalez-Garcia is being charged with burglary and theft.

[Source: Fox News]