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We have all been there. Sitting in the far lane of a two-lane right turn waiting for that guy in front of you to go. With road expansions happening across our area, it is becoming very common that you see more than one right turning lane. But is he right or wrong for waiting for the light, or should he just get up and go.

Well, State Trooper and traffic safety expert have the answer to that question. Trooper Steve says, “You are never required to make a right on red. However, if there is a red light and you do not feel comfortable making the right after you’ve stopped, then you are allowed to wait until that light turns green.”

No Turn On Red

In Florida, you are allowed to turn right from any lane that allows it as long as no sign saying otherwise. Occasionally, there will be a sign that says, ‘Right on red only from the right lane,’ meaning no right turns would be permitted other than the far-right turning lane.”


If no sign exists, you can make a right on red from any of the multiple right turning lanes.



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