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It’s a long but wide path to becoming the Florida Man and this deputy has started his trek. Polk County Deputy was arrested for DUI after he flipped a van in a ditch.

26-year old Josiah Perry on Saturday following a single-vehicle crash. He was driving a silver 2017 Ford Explorer when he drove off of the roadway and flipped the vehicle. When Perry was pulled from the vehicle, uninjured, he told responding officers that someone else was driving. He would later admit it was he who was driving.

As deputies question him they described Perry’s eyes as bloodshot and watery. Perry admitted his drink of choice was a glass of vodka and cranberry juice. Perry provided two breath samples which showed he had an alcohol content level of 0.128 and 0.129. The legal limit in Florida is 0.08.

Perry resigned from the sheriff’s office following the arrest. He was hired by the agency in July 2019. According to the sheriff’s office, if he didn’t resign, he would’ve been fired.’

[Source WFLA]


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