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11 pedestrians have died after being hit on St. Petersburg roads this year, according to St. Pete Police Sergeant Michael Shade. He tells Channel 8 that the city is spending a $51,000 grant on stepping up patrols on 8 specific roadways to prevent more deaths.

What are they looking for? It’s not just bad drivers. They’ll be keeping an eye out for pedestrians trying to cross the street mid block who aren’t wearing bright clothes or are distracted by their cell phones and aren’t paying attention. They’ll also be handing out bike lights for bicyclists.

Break the law and it’ll cost you. Pedestrians can be fined $65. Drivers face a stiffer $165 ticket. Here are the 8 specific roads they’re going to keep an eye on:

34th Street North and South
4th Street North
35th Street North and South
18th Avenue South
16th Street South
3rd Street North
US Highway 19/5th Avenue North
49th Street North

[Source: Channel 8]

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