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Pinellas Park Police Department

Pinellas Park Police Department

Right now, so many are wanting to step up and help. When something like Hurricane Ian hits, people tend to open their wallets and give to help out. But unfortunately scammers like to take advantage of those good intentions.

Today, Pinellas Park police posted a warning to residents. Text messages are being sent out by some scammer offering a “Pinellas Park Police Department” shirt. The text claims to offer $10 off if you order now. The text message might even address you by your name. And after what we’ve gone through, we all want to show support to our first responders.

Don’t fall for it. It’s fake. James Gatti from the Pinellas Park Police Department says they’re not selling any shirts right now. If you have any questions, you can reach them at (727) 244-1715. There are a lot of LEGITIMATE fundraisers going on. We’d love it if you join us as Q105 is helping raise money for the American Red Cross to do the great work they do.

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