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Another study has been conducted that proves how great Tampa Bay really is. This time, the research shows that two Tampa Bay area cities are the most dog friendly spots in America!

SmartAsset conducted a study to uncover the cities that are most accommodating for pups and their owners. They analyzed data for large metropolitan cities across the U.S. reflect dog-friendliness and livability. They used seven metrics to determine what makes a city so dog-friendly. The seven metrics are:

  1. Dog parks per 100,000 residents.
  2. Dog-friendly restaurants.
  3. Dog-friendly shopping centers
  4. Average home sales price.
  5. Walk score.
  6. Average annual days of precipitation.
  7. Concentration of pet stores and veterinary offices.

One Bay area city I was personally shocked didn’t make the list is Dunedin. It’s not uncommon to be strolling down Main Street and see everybody out with their furry friend. I mean, they don’t call it Dog-edin for nothing! Not to mention that the dog friendly beach at Honeymoon Island is right down the road.

After running the calculations, SmartAsset found that these are the most dog-friendly cities in the U.S.:

  1. St. Petersburg, FL
  2. Tucson, AZ
  3. Tampa, FL
  4. Portland, OR
  5. Madison, WI
  6. Las Vegas, NV
  7. Arlington, VA
  8. Minneapolis, MN
  9. San Francisco, CA
  10. St. Louis, MO