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You know the saying flaunt it if you got it? Well maybe don’t apply that if you win big at the Tampa Seminole Hard Rock Casino. Recently a gambler who won $53,000 at the Tampa casino was followed back to his hotel and was robbed. Video surveillance shows that he was taking pictures of his recently won cash while his assailants watched him the entire time.

Police have identified two of the three suspects, according to reports. However there are not any records of the men being arrested or charged with a crime. According to police reports, the gambler left the casino in a black taxi, which was followed by a red Alfa Romeo for about 20 minutes until reaching the Barrymore Hotel in Tampa.

The winner was followed into the hotel lobby by one of the men in the Alfa Romeo, according to the search warrant. Hotel cameras showed the man grabbing the Hard Rock Casino paper bag filled with cash and took off. The gambler chased him and got into a slight physical altercation. One of the other suspects intervened which allowed the man who grabbed the cash to get away.

It’s unclear whether he had the paper bag full of the winnings. However it was shown that the suspect picked up the man’s jacket and a band of $10,000 left on the ground.

Let this be a lesson to you. If you happen to win it big at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, keep it on the hush until you are in a safe place.