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Arrested for an attempted carjacking a Florida man has admitted to something. He told deputies that he wanted the death penalty.

Around 10 A.M on Sunday, deputies responded to a carjacking call where Alexander Acs, 33, was accused of attempting to steal a car with a box blade. The victim who suffered slash wounds was found and is expected to survive. Authorities were able to locate Acs, who was taken to a local sheriff’s office and interviewed. During the interview, Acs admitted to something other than the attempted carjacking. Fox News reports he admitted to killing a man last week with a piece of asphalt.

Acs took deputies on a trip to 4400 block of S. Rio Grande Ave in Orlando, where they found a badly decomposed body.

Acs was apparently in Florida looking for an ex-girlfriend who had pressed charges on him here in the Tampa area. Acs was quoted saying, “take everything from her,” and then leave the country. Acs was staying with an unnamed person when he became furious with him and bashed him over the head, “large piece of asphalt,” on January 11th. He then tied the man up and proceeded to bash him twice more with the concrete. Finally, he escaped into the woods, where he stayed until the carjacking incident occurred. He attempted the carjacking in an attempt to reach his ex-girlfriend.

Acs told deputies he plans to plead guilty to everything in hopes of getting the death penalty. He also stated that if he doesn’t get the death penalty, he plans on killing corrections officers until they grant him one.

[Source Fox News]

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