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This will probably come as a shock to you. It gets humid here. Two cities in our area came in at #1 and #2 on a study conducted by HouseFresh.

Equally unsurprising – every city in the top 20 were all in Florida. But Pinellas Park and St. Petersburg specifically were the most humid anywhere in the United States. Tampa didn’t even make the top 20 list. A strong majority of the other cities that made the list are all down in South Florida. The survey researchers say that our southern latitude combined with winds from the south are to blame. Add in our vegetation that puts water vapor in the air and voila, Florida humidity.

Pinellas Park had “miserable humidity” for 48.7% of the day to top the list. But St. Pete was close behind at 48.1%. Both cities dew point temperature rankings ranged from muggy (about 2%) to oppressive (about 49%) to that miserable score. To combat the negative effects of humidity, they say to stay hydrated, take cool showers, wear loose clothes, and keep the air circulating.

If you’re curious, the most humid city in the world… that has it even worse than us? Patna, India. While we rank around 48% on that miserable level of humidity, they have a score of 99.2%! [Source: HouseFresh]

While we live in the most humid part of the country, the south has had a break from the heat this past week. Check out these pics from our neighbors just to our north.

Snow in the South