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Drive-in movies became a thing again during the pandemic. With regular movie theaters closed, and social distancing enforced, it was a nostalgic way to have some fun and stay safe. But Bay News 9 reports that Ruskin’s drive-in may not be around much longer.

They say it’s NOT from lack of business. They’re doing ok. In fact, they are about to celebrate their 70th anniversary next year. The drive-in plans to show the first movie that week that they played on opening night in 1952: “Singin’ In The Rain.”

So what’s the problem? Plans for development around the area. You might think that more people means more business.  Ruskin Family Drive-In owner Ted Freiwald says he’s run drive-in theaters for decades and the big thing that does them in is when trees are taken down and developers move in. The light from those buildings take away the enjoyment of the movie and fewer cars come back. Freiwald planted some trees to help and plans to keep things going at the drive-in as long as they can. They should have a better idea of how things will go after a zoning board meeting next week. [Source: Bay News 9]

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