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The Rays wrapped up with series with the Boston Red Sox tonight at Tropicana Field.  The game was seen nationwide on ESPN and Rays outfielder Brett Phillips used the opportunity to give the country a much needed laugh! If you don’t remember Phillips, you must have forgotten about his heroics last year. Well he was the MVP tonight and he didn’t even play. (Edit: well, he did… for about 10 minutes at the end!)

Phillips was mic’d up in the dugout.  He had a favor to ask teammate Nelson Cruz. You see, Brett’s mom was watching and he wanted to give mom a chance to see him play:

“Sunday Night Baseball. First time in 11 years, right? First time for me. And this is my hometown, ok? So with that being said, I talked to Coach and he said if we put up 15 runs or more, he’s going to get me in this game today. So I need you to focus and put about 7 to 10 RBI’s up for me so my mom… she’s watching back home. She can watch me play tonight.”

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