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WWE is hoping the second time is the charm when it presents WrestleMania at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on April 10 and 11. World Wrestling Entertainment made the announcement back in January that Ray Jay would host their annual mega-event. Tampa was actually supposed to host WrestleMania 36, but COVID-19 put a body slam on that idea. Since mass gatherings were prohibited, WWE instead held their annual event at their training center in Orlando. So Tampa area fans were understandably excited when it was revealed there would be a second chance to see WrestleMania. But that excitement has turned to frustration.

For the past month, almost every other email I’ve received is asking the same question. What’s the deal with tickets? When do they go on sale? How much will they be? We’re now just a few weeks away, yet no ticket information has been released for WrestleMania 37. I’m not even hearing rumors from folks I know… who should be in the know.

Even though tickets aren’t on sale to the public yet from Ticketmaster, tickets are already being sold on scalper sites. Given that there’s no other way to get them yet and many want to make travel plans to fly in from around the world, the markup is already crazy. Then factor in that seats will likely be sold the way they were at the Super Bowl last month with a limited number of fans staggered and spaced out, with many seats left empty. Scalpers have set prices in the $500 range for upper level nosebleeds. Ringside seats near the entrance ramp start at over $4,000 each.

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