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Florida's newest White Castle in years opens Tuesday for delivery

That craving for some White Castle sliders soon will be satisfied.The popular burger chain is set to open a brand new Florida restaurant Tuesday, Feb. 23, ne...

Craving one of those square burgers?

Whenever one of those big chains comes to Florida, it’s a big deal. Remember all the crazy traffic when Trader Joe’s first came to Tampa and St. Pete? Or when law enforcement was called in to direct traffic when Wawa opened in Pinellas Park? Well fast food lovers, your options are expanding. For the first time in over 50 years, there’s going to be a new White Castle in Florida.

There’s good news and bad. The good? This will be the world’s largest White Castle.

The bad? That one’s not ready yet. That one and this one that’s opening this week both require a road trip. And it’s the road trip we all dread… that painful drive on I-4 over to Orlando. The Orlando Sentinel reports that White Castle will open its newest Florida location at 18 North Dollins Avenue in Orlando this Tuesday (February 23). This is almost two years in the making but they’re finally ready to serve up those famous square hamburger sliders.

One thing that’ll be different though… they’re calling this a “ghost kitchen” concept. That means no dining in the restaurant. They will deliver via Uber Eats but you need to live within a 15 minute drive of the restaurant. Sorry. [Source: Orlando Sentinel]