Florida Woman Doused Herself In Mountain Dew To Wash Off DNA

A woman from Daytona Beach, Florida is accused of stabbing her roommate and then trying to get rid of the evidence with Mountain Dew. 35-year-old Nichole Maks is charged with first-degree premeditated murder after an officer was flagged down because of a fire. When the officer went inside the victim's home he her with multiple stab wounds all over her body including her head. Washing Away Evidence With Mountain Dew: Nichole Maks was living with 79-year-old Michael Cerasoli when they got into an argument which ended with Cerasoli's death. When police started doing an investigation they found a knife covered in blood near the victim's body and two cell phones. After cops found Maks they saw she had blood on her legs and was holding a knife and hammer. During her interrogation she changed her story multiple times but eventually admitted that she at minimum lived with the victim. She told officers that she never went upstairs to see her roommate except to "feed her spiders." When detectives kept asking her about the knife and hammer she refused to talk anymore without a lawyer present. Right before officers were about to take Maks DNA she requested a drink. That's when she was provided with a Diet Mountain Dew. She then poured the soda all over her body "in attempt to interfere with the possible evidence on [her body]." After doing a DNA test, the victim's DNA was proven to be on the blade of the knife and Maks' DNA was on the handle of the knife. All of this nails her for the death of Michael Cerasoli and will soon be punished for her crime. SOURCE

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