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Many people find beekeeping fascinating. It reveals the amazing world of bees, their teamwork, and their crucial role in pollination. Plus, you get to enjoy delicious honey.

In celebration of World Bee Day on May 20, Lawn Love ranked the Best States for Beekeeping. To come up with their ranking, they compared 39 of the 50 states (with available data) based on four categories. They looked at honey production, colony loss, and apiculture classes, among 15 total metrics. It is worth noting that only 39 states were ranked.

Top Ranked States

California, New York, and Texas, some of the more populated states in the nation, secured the top spots in their ranking as thriving apicultural hubs. Surprisingly, North Dakota, known for its honey production, claimed the third spot, surpassing even California by producing 31,200 pounds of honey in 2022, nearly three times the amount found in the study.

Meanwhile, Utah didn’t fare too well in their ranking, coming in last alongside Arizona (#38) and Wyoming. The site mentioned that Utah faces challenges like high total annual colony loss, low beekeeper salaries, and a lack of bee-friendly legislation. Across the board, these three states received low scores.

Other Notable States

Florida stands out in the Top 10, securing the #7 spot with some of the most honey-producing colonies and the highest honey production value. Meanwhile, falling in the Top 20 is Michigan at #11. When it comes to the key metrics, the state scored well on the number of apiculture classes and the number of honey suppliers.

Behind The Ranking

The site determined the factors (metrics) that are most relevant to rank the Best States for Beekeeping. They then considered the importance of each factor and gave them specific weights. These factors were then grouped into four categories: Output, Earning Potential, Distribution, and Support.

After gathering data on each factor for all 50 states, they eliminated 11 states that lacked sufficient data in a single category. This meticulous process resulted in a final sample size of 39 states.

You can check out the complete study and rankings right here.

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