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An update to a South Carolina law has many in wondering if Florida should start fining slow drivers in the left lane!

We see them just driving there as they have nowhere to be. The speed limit says 75 and they will do just that! 75 MILES PER HOUR IN THE FREAKING LEFT LANE! We got places to go and they just pitter-pattering along. Before you get all mad and bent out of shape if you don’t think this is a problem. Guess what you are the problem. I’ll even throw this one at you if you don’t think it is illegal then check this out. Some states have a solution to this and we ask if Florida should start fining slow drivers in the left lane.

So apparently, this is not just a huge annoyance to drivers in Florida. South Carolina has decided that they will be up and enforcing the fine already in place. They will be going from 25$ to 100$ stemming back to a law passed back in 2021. Some people are saying this is too much. Having driven through South Carolina there are a lot of two-lane highways. Nothing infuriates me more than being stuck behind Slow-Driving Willy and his idiot cousin I-Only-Know-How-To-Brake Jones.

As we mentioned above there is a law in place that clearly states if you are getting ready to be passed while driving as soon as you can you need to move over to the right. This is actually better for everyone. We see the jobbers that drive whipping in and out of the cars nearly causing 2 1/2 wrecks just because someone didn’t want to move. Get over yourself and get out of people’s way. Florida could damn near double its state income if you think about it. We don’t even need to go as far as 100$ just 50$ and start getting Florida State Troopers to bust them instead of us doing 85 up on I75.  So if you ask me yes Florida should start fining slow drivers in the left lane.[Source Fox News]

 Florida Comes in at #2 For Highest Auto Insurance Rates

It’s probably not a surprise to you, but we pay way more than our neighbors in other states for car insurance. Drive on Highway 19 or I-4 and it’s not hard to see why. But believe it or not, there is one other state that has to pay more than we do.

ValuePenguin did the research and came up with this list of the 10 most expensive states for full auto insurance coverage. Want the cheapest car insurance? They say move to Maine or Vermont. Even crossing the state line to Georgia can cut your rate in half compared to what we pay in Florida.  But avoid these 10 states.

  • #10: Colorado

    Kind of a surprise to me. Maybe their drivers are a mile high behind the wheel? Colorado drivers pay on average $168 per month.

  • #9: Kentucky

    Another one I wouldn’t have expected to see on the list.  They pay $170 per month.

  • #8: Delaware

    Philadelphia drivers are pretty wild, but I never had any problems driving through Delaware.  But I didn’t stop long.  They average $171 per month.

  • #7: Connecticut

    There’s probably a big range in rates based on which city you actually live in.  Connecticut has a lot of woods with just a few really busy spots like Hartford and I-95 heading to New York City.

  • #6: Massachusetts

    Absolutely surprised New York nor Massachusetts ranked in the top 3.  Believe it or not, New York doesn’t even make the top 10 list!  I’ve lived most of my adult life in Massachusetts and if you have friends or family up there, you’ve probably heard the infamous word they use for Mass drivers.  Massho**s.  I think you can figure it out.

  • #5: Louisiana

    No doubt the hurricanes have contributed to their sky high rates.

  • #4: Nevada

    Things get wild in Las Vegas, but once you get out of that area, it’s a lot of desert so I’m sure you can save a buck or two if you live in the ‘burbs.

  • #3: Rhode Island

    Totally makes sense.  I love Providence, but you get a lot of fast drivers en route to NYC.  Plus New England winters mean fender benders.

  • #2: Florida

    Drive on our highways and you know why we made the list.  Of course Floridians tend to plead innocent and say it’s all the out of state drivers who drive the rates up by driving poorly.  But if they were bad drivers, wouldn’t their home states beat us out?

  • #1: Michigan

    I’ve never driven in Michigan but I’m sure Detroit traffic must be wild.  Add in all the awful winter weather they get and it’s probably why Michigan ran away with the title of most expensive state in the nation for auto insurance.  They pay on average almost $400 a month, according to the study!  That’s almost DOUBLE what we pay in Florida according to their research!