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This story is pretty crazy…literally speaking.  It was back on October 16th, 1933 when 21 year old Victor Licacta murdered both his parents, his brother and his sister with an ax at their home in Ybor City.

On October 17, 1933, the Tampa Bay Times wrote:

W. D. Bush, city chief detective, said he had made an investigation prior to the crime and learned the slayer had been addicted to smoking marijuana cigarettes for more than six months.

However, a day later the Chief of Tampa Police Department downplayed the role the drug had in the murders, although he pledged himself to the cause of marijuana prohibition:

Maybe the weed only had a small indirect part in the alleged insanity of the youth, but I am declaring now and for all time that the increasing use of this narcotic must stop and will be stopped.

— October 18, 1933
Licacta was found the next morning confused in one of the homes bedrooms wearing clean clothes, but underneath his skin was covered in blood.  He was soon committed to the Florida State Hospital for the Insane and escaped 12 years later.  He was captured years later while visiting his cousin in New Orleans and was sent to Florida State Prison in Raiford.  
Victor Licacta hanged himself in his cell and was found dead on December 4th 1950.
Watch the creepy video here.  Happy Halloween!

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