Jeff Zito

Weekday Afternoons 3pm - 7pm

What do you get when you combine craft beer, a massive library of DVD, movie snacks, games in a chill atmosphere? You get the latest blast of nostalgia to hit Tampa Bay!

The place is called Beerbusters Movie Bar and their logo might be familiar to you:

Beerbusters owner William Dieli used to work at a Tampa Blockbuster when the movie rental store was the place to go to get the latest releases to rent. What’s cool about Beerbusters is that you’ll be swimming in some great nostalgia of the 1990’s through the early 2000’s. Dieli has plenty of shelves stocked with DVDs of movies and TV shows that you can rent. Beerbusters solid selection of craft beers will please the palate of brew-lovers. Dieli has a menu of movie snacks and plans to expand the menu in the near future. Beerbusters also plans to host movie watching parties and Dungeons & Dragons nights.

Beerbusters Movie Bar is located at 6836 N Park Blvd. in Pinellas Park and is scheduled to open on September 1st. “Cheers” to their success! [SOURCE Creative Loafing]

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