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Another story about a Florida man being incorrect…

Have you heard it is now legal to smoke meth?  Well it’s not, but that’s what one Florida man told the cops when the glass pipe was about to hit his lips.

Last week (8/4) St Pete police caught 31-year-old Enzo Zabala-Cardozo with a glass pipe in his mouth.  As the cops tried to arrest him for using drugs,
Zabala-Cardozo started walking away after from police saying “Meth is legal now”.

Unfortunately Zabala-Cardozo was wrong.  Smoking meth in Florida is still a crime.  Police took the pipe, which tested positive for methamphetamine.  Enzo Zabala-Cardozo was arrested on felony drug possession charges and a misdemeanor count of resisting police and taken to the Pinellas County jail on a $2150 bond.

Records show Zabala-Cardozo was just in jail back in May for also smoking meth.

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