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Oldsmar Man has been arrested near local protest found with explosives

The candles they make in stores, I guess, just are not enough anymore as Garret James Smith decided to go bigger as he is the Oldsmar man who was arrested with explosives on him. Celebrating his birthday in county lockup, Smith was arrested for three counts of Make/Possess/Discharge Destructive Device and Loitering and Prowling.

According to detectives, there was a protest outside Pinellas County Justice Center. Around 7:30, deputies noticed a man dressed in all black with a facemask carrying a black backpack. He was running away from the protest, so police got suspicious of him immediately.

When Deputies caught him, they charged him with loitering and began to search his belongings, where they found many explosives. Pinellas Deputies searched the area for more explosives but thankfully didn’t find any. However, a warrant was issued, and they found more when they searched his home.

Smith’s motive is still unknown.


[Source Pinellas County Sherrif’s]


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Oldsmar Man Arrested with Explosives on Him