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Someone always wants to share the video, and that is how a former Florida Teacher got caught last spring having sex with a 15-year-old. Heiry Calvi admitted during police intake she was pregnant.

According to People Magazine, Calvi was accused of having inappropriate conduct with the child, which she claimed was “consensual.” The student who has not been named was being taught by Calvi at a K-8 center when they moved it to in-person tutoring at the student’s home.

Other students brought up the allegations. The Resource officer performed a search of the student’s phone and found “photographs that were certainly inappropriate, that indicate that there was in fact an inappropriate relationship.” 

Along with nude pictures of Calvi and the student, they discovered a WhatsApp message thread in where the two texted “I love you,” images of them together at locations outside school such as Miami Beach, alleged evidence that Calvi allowed her credit card to be used by the student, and an audio recording of the student advising an unknown other people to deny awareness of the relationship.

Another male student said: “She was a really good teacher. She knew how to explain things really well. It’s just – I can’t believe that.”

To make matters worse for Calvi, police searched her, and they found a Glock 43 9mm handgun in her car.

[SOURCE: People]

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