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There’s an 82-year-old woman in New York City who goes on three Tinder dates a week with much younger men . . . and she says, quote, “I have never met a man who doesn’t want to [eff] me.” She claims that men won’t deny her because they love her body.

She says she isn’t interested in a relationship and just loves sex.  When she meets up with someone on Tinder, she makes sure they have chemistry, then had back to her place to get it on.


Cougar grandmother, 82, reveals the secrets to a healthy sex life

Hattie Retroage, 82, uses Tinder to meet men, and has sex three times a week Says she is not interested in having a relationship, but just loves sex Revealed she has never been rejected by a man because they love her body Former psychoanalyst has been single since her divorce 35 years ago A self-confessed cougar grandmother has revealed how she uses dating apps to have sex up to three times a week.