Living in Florida can be an experience unlike any other! There’s extreme weather that can take place in the blink of an eye. Crazy wildlife with tons of gator stories that will leave you scratching your head. And also, we can’t forget about all the Florida Man stories that happen all the time. Here are some of the weirdest things about living in the Sunshine State:

One issue that doesn’t seem to be getting better is the sinkhole problem. Florida’s is prone to sinkholes because of it’s specific location. Sinkholes collapse the ground and can swallow entire houses or roads. It’s scary to think that the ground beneath you can just disappear in an instant. Let’s not forget about the extreme weather that takes place in Florida that’s completely unpredictable. One moment, it’s a beautiful sunny day at the beach, and the next, massive thunderstorms with strong wind blowing things around everywhere. Hurricanes are also a common as well and can be very scary during hurricane season. The weather can be super crazy and scary at some points and it’s important to stay safe.

Wildlife encounters happen often in Florida with a range bizarre situations. From alligators walking through golf courses to iguanas sunning themselves on trees, seeing these creatures in unexpected places is not uncommon. Also, let’s not forget about all the “Florida Man” stories that happen on a weekly basis. All “Florida Man” stories are bizarre and outrageous including crimes that become notorious overtime. Living in Florida certainly comes with its fair share of ridiculous situations and circumstances. Whether it’s the wildlife, extreme weather, or the infamous “Florida Man” stories, there’s never a dull moment when you live here in the Sunshine State. Scroll down to read and watch some of the craziest Florida stories that we’ve ever seen.

  • Guy Tries to Trade Alligator for Beer

    Yes this actually happened! If you didn’t know, in the state of Florida, alligator is a currency. We’re joking but this guy actually tried to get away with it. He wanted to trade it for a 12-pack of beer.

  • DUI for Driving Drunk While Lawn Mowing

    Weird DUIs have a deep history in Florida, but this one takes the cake. 58-year-old, Kenneth La Rue Smith, thought it was a good idea to drive his lawn mower into oncoming traffic while drinking a beer. Oh he also had two knives, a revolver and several rounds of ammunition.

  • Nudist Resort Golf Cart Stolen for McDonald's Run

    A golf cart went missing at a Floridian resort for nudists, and it was found at Mickey D’s. It’s weird to steal a golf cart. It’s weirder to steal it in order to eat McDonald’s. But it’s Florida-weird to steal it from a nudist resort. Best crime duo ever.

  • Real Cop Gets Pulled Over by Fake Cop

    A real police officer was pulled over by a impersonating officer who was also using illegal police lights. You got to be real dumb to try and pull this one off.

  • State Ban on Bar Dwarf-Tossing Up for Repeal

    If you didn’t know Florida had a ban on tossing dwarfs in bars. Some were against it and many for this new bill.

  • Man Impersonates Cop to Get Free Access to Strip Club

    Impersonating a cop isn’t a smart idea but a very Florida thing to do. One fake cop tried to get into a strip club for free. Although this video below isn’t this exact story we find it very funny that this happened in Tampa.

  • Santa Claus Robs a Bank

    We have a real life “Bad Santa” in Florida! Mark London was actually a mall Santa’s to actually robbing a bank. He was arrested for a lot of things including hoax bomb, grand theft, false imprisonment, and armed robbery.

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