19 New Florida Laws Going Into Effect July 1, 2024

It's that time of year. Those new laws and regulations debated and voted on this year go into effect Monday, July 1. From the size of your bottle of wine to how many hours you can work if you're still in school, there are a lot of laws changing in Florida next month. Here's a rundown. Some of the new laws protect you and your wallet. Some could make you have to reach into your wallet. New fines and penalties as well as some consumer protections were voted on by Florida lawmakers in this past legislative session. In all, 160 new Florida laws that passed will go into effect next month. Some made the news like the issue of high school kids working hours and protections for Florida workers who have to be out in the heat. Other new Florida laws passed didn't make big headlines. Did you even know there has been a restriction on the size of that bottle of wine you buy at Publix? There is. But that's about to be relaxed. That wine aisle could see some new offerings starting July 1 at liquor stores in Florida. So cheers. Drink up. There are new Florida laws about taxes, parking, massages, insulin, skin cancer prevention, jury duty, towing, and even what your home owners association can and can't do. Wanna grow vegetables but your HOA has always told you no? Well that could change with one new law we'll dive into here in a moment. Even a "hot topic" for Florida homeowners... your air conditioner's warranty even is the subject of one of the new Florida laws going into effect in July. Yes that terrible pun was intended. OK let's get into it. Here's a breakdown of the new Florida laws that could most likely impact you that passed this year and are going into effect July 1, 2024. [Source: Click Orlando]

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