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This week on the Cooper and Anthony Show we talked about the non-verbal ways you can tell if someone is into you. Once you master these body language cues, you’ll know if you’ll be getting a “yes” or a “no” when you ask someone out.

1.Pay attention to their eyebrows.
If he/she lifts their eyebrows for even a couple of seconds when they first see you then they’re more likely to be interested in you. This momentarily lift is called a flash.

Now, what is a flash? it is an involuntary movement and a by-product of the release of Dopamine: a hormone which is released when you see someone attractive or desirable in your environment. The same hormone which is partially responsible for those butterflies in your stomach when you look at the person you like.

  2. They are mirroring you.
People are more likely to mirror or match the behavior of the person they like. Research has shown that when people are interested in someone, they unconsciously start mimicking each other’s gestures, movements and behavior.

This matched movements of body language can be a clear sign of attraction.

3. When he/she tugs at their socksa 2012 study found that when a man does things like tug at his socks while he’s sitting and talking to you he likes you. But also if he is fixing his shirt or his hair or doing anything that would be considered preening. It shows he’s suddenly trying to look more attractive –because he likes you. The male of the species (peacocks, lions, etc) tend to be the more showy, so while women do this too, it’s more of a male move.

4. Are they walking next to you matching your steps? From the perspective of psychology, if the person you like walks in front of you then there’s a good chance that they might not be interested in you. It actually shows they care more about themselves.

While on the other hand, it is noticeable human behavior when someone likes you or is attracted to you, they are more likely to either walk behind you or try to keep up their pace with you and walk beside you. That is a sign they like you because again, it’s another way to mirror your behavior.

5. Are they letting you see that they are intentionally checking you out? Psychologists call this “visual voyaging” — their eyes take a little cruise around your body, stopping momentarily. Don’t kid yourself: he or she scanned your body the second they laid eyes on you. The difference here is that they are letting you see them do it. The message is: I’m considering you as a sexual partner.

6.Are they physically moving things that could be in the way of the two of you talking?
According to psychologists, and three separate studies, a non-verbal signal of attraction is when the other person removes every barrier between the person they like and themselves. Everything from chairs, cushions, purses, other people or even emotional barriers to be able to talk to you.