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she climbed further into the pipe.

Do you remember the story from a couple of years ago about the Florida woman who was rescued from a storm drain pipe? The story conjured images of a terrified victim, shivering and curled up in the dark recesses of a wet concrete tomb as alligators circled and waited for the perfect opportunity. While we all celebrated when she was pulled from the drain, we also wondered how she got there. Flash forward to about a year later, when another similar rescue was performed. Here’s the crazy part, the victim was the same woman! Well, guess what happened yesterday…
Delray Beach police responded to a report of a swimmer who was in distress on Wednesday. When they arrived on the scene, they observed a woman swimming in the canal. When officers called to her, she reportedly ignored them and swam toward a storm drain pipe, where she climbed inside and refused to come out. When officers tried to extract the woman, they say she climbed further into the pipe to elude them. After a few moments, firefighters were able to confine the woman to a single length of pipe. Once isolated, crews placed a safety harness on the woman and pulled her from the pipe. The woman, who was later identified as Lyndsey Kennedy, suffered minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.
Upon further investigation, police discovered that Kennedy had been rescued from storm drain pipes TWICE in the past two years. Back in 2021, her boyfriend reported her missing. After a few days, she was found stuck in a drain pipe. She told authorities that she had gone swimming in a canal and accidentally wound up in a drain pipe. She said she wandered through the drainage system for weeks before being rescued. About two months later, the bizarre scenario happened again. Now, she has been extricated from a drain pipe for a THIRD time. Source:

Tom Brady Pulls Some Serious Nookie

Tom Brady: This Instagram Model With An MBA Is A Big Fan

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen filed for divorce last year. But that hasn’t stopped the media from speculating about who Brady’s next girlfriend might be. Model and Instagram star Veronika Rajek posted about her love for Brady a few weeks ago. And that has led people to speculate that she’s interested in him.

She posted an image of herself wearing a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey with Brady’s #12 on it. She wrote, “I saw the LEGEND and if somebody asks me again if I love Brady, yes I love him, and show me somebody who doesn’t. Even his haters love him because they know he is the GOAT.”

According to gossip site The U.S. Sun, Rajek is a former Miss Slovakia competitor and she has 3.5 million followers on Instagram. The Sun reports that Rajek began modeling at the age of 16 and was a track and field star during high school in her town of Vranov nad Topľou.

The Sun reports that she is married to Slovak bobsleigh competitor Viktor Rajek, and they have been married since 2019. Veronika notes in her Instagram bio that she has a MBA. The Sun reported that she says that has two Master’s degrees – one in Business Administration from Warsaw University, and one in Safety and Security management. Celeb Heath says that “She attended The Institute of Education, Consulting and Informatization and Collegium Humanum Warsaw Management University, and the University of Security Management in Košice. She has a Master’s in Science and a Master’s in Business Administration.” No credible outlets have verified her MBA status but we’ll take her at her word on this one.

She has apparently clashed with Instagram. Barstool Sports reported that she’s been accused of being a “catfish” because she’s too attractive to be real. The Mirror quoted her as saying, “People say beautiful people have it easy but I have it worse as people make it harder for me because I’m beautiful.” They note that Veronika does not drink or party and works out five times a week. They quote her as saying, “I don’t have many friends but I feel good. If you feel beautiful the way you are, then you are beautiful. If you feel confident in your body and you are plus-sized, then just be confident.”

Check out some photos from her verified Instagram account below.

THIS Is Why I’m A Dog Guy

The Army Corps Of Engineer's 2023 Calendar Of Attacking Cats Is A Thing

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