It's a trip to the pokey now.

It was a single car accident on I-275 northbound. A car ran into a noise barrier on the east side of the road. But why did the driver lose control on a sraight section of road under excellent driving conditions? And who was driving?
As Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrived on the scene, they observed two occupants of the crashed car arguing with one another. The deputies noticed that the pair seemed to be slurring their words and appeared to be intoxicated. Upon further investigation, the driver was identified as 38-year-old Deputy Morris Valenzuela, who was already on unpaid administrative leave from the HCSO. Valenzuela consented to a breathalyzer test, which showed two separate results of .146 and .149. Florida state law indicates an impaired driver at anything over .08, so the deputy was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. He was also charged with property damage.
Sheriff Chad Chronister made a statement about the arrest, saying that the deputy “placed the lives of those in the vehicle and others on the road in danger” by his actions. He went on to say that the suspect “chose to make this poor decision” and “violates the oath he took, to protect and serve.” Valenzuela resigned shortly after charges were filed against him.
Valenzuela worked for the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Department for approximately four years. He worked in the Department Of Detention Services, but was placed on unpaid administrative leave after an unrelated investigation with internal affairs. Source:

Where You Can Grab A Bite Before The Game

7 Great Places To Eat Near Amalie Arena

Heading to a Lightning game this season or going to see a show at Amalie Arena? Here are 7 great places to eat that’s near Amalie Arena. All of these locations are within walking distance, but if you don’t feel like walking, hop on the TECO street car or use an electric scooter. Whether you’re in the mood for some bar bites, or want to sit down and have a nice dinner, here are our recommendations. Depending on the event, you may want to get to these places a little earlier (around 5p) or make a reservation to secure your spot!

Downtown Tampa is constantly changing. It seems like each week there’s a new trendy restaurant that we must try! Of course there are the staple Tampa restaurants like Hattricks. There’s also many options at Sparkman Wharf, but we narrowed that down to our favorite spot. If all else fails, you can always go to the Publix on Channelside Dr for a pub sub. This Publix location even has a bar and happy hour! Have you been to any of these places yet? Let us know your favorite on social media!

Here are our favorite 7 places to eat near Amalie Arena:

Headed Out For New years Eve?

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