Starting November 2 till November 29, Aldi is introducing Thanksgiving Price Rewind. They will match 2019 prices for discounts of up to 30% in-store or online!  Shoppers will be able to enjoy some holiday classics without braking the bank.

Inflation has really hurt a lot of us. It might be difficult shopping for your family this holiday with supply chain issues and increase in prices of everyday items. To help relieve some families, Aldi is offering an awesome discount on common Thanksgiving favorites by winding back the clock. The national grocery chain is offering a steep discount on holiday staples. Shop 2019 prices on items like brie cheese, prosciutto, cornbread stuffing, award-winning wines, mini quiches, apple pie, and more!

Products included in the deal will be marked in the local ad and throughout the store with a red Thanksgiving Price Rewind icon. 

In a press release, Dave Rinaldo, the president of Aldi U.S. stated “Providing amazing products at the absolute lowest prices is what we’ve always done, and we know right now that’s more important than ever.

As a born and bred Floridian, I normally do all of my holiday food shopping at Publix. But that will most likely change this year. Aldi has over 200 stores in Florida, with more than 5 locations in the Tampa Bay area. Click here to find the closest Aldi store near you. 

[Source: News Channel 8]