Parents have all of the control at Halloween.

As the rest of us get ready for Halloween parties and giving out candy to our neighbors’ kids, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister and his faithful band of deputies have been knocking on doors and talking to convicted sex offenders across Hillsborough County in preparation of Beggars’ Night.

Hillsborough Deputies have been making sure that convicted sex offenders know exactly what they can and cannot do as trick-or-treaters wander through their neighborhoods this Halloween. There’s no handing out candy, no dressing up in a costume and lights must be kept off. Sheriff Chronister even tells offenders that they are urged to “put a sign out” in the front yard. The recommendations are more than words of advice, though. Those rules are required by law for convicted sex offenders. Chronister went on to say that his deputies will be making the rounds and contacting over 1,200 individuals in person before Halloween.

The Hillsborough County Sheriffs Department will be canvassing neighborhoods with undercover and uniformed officers throughout the Halloween observances. Officers will be out in huge force, driving slowly through neighborhoods as a visual reminder for drivers to be alert and watch for kids who may be wandering into the streets or otherwise preoccupied. Parents are cautioned to watch their kids very closely and make sure they know where they are at all times. Finally, parents are reminded to be vigilant. Check every piece of candy your child receives. Make sure they know it’s not okay to eat any candy until you have inspected it first.

While problems and incidents of tampering are extremely rare, it’s best to stay on top of every aspect of your child’s safety. If anything looks suspicious in your child’s candy, throw it away or report it to authorities. If anyone gives your child homemade candy, unless it’s a trusted family member or friend, discard it…period. Source:

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