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A Florida woman was arrested earlier this week for leaving a child unattended at a bar. On Sunday 42 year-old Tiffany Davis from Ocala was arrested by Pinellas County Sheriffs on multiple charges. Allegedly, Davis brought the child to a bar on 117th Drive North in Largo and stayed there for five hours. To our surprise, the bar allowed the child to come in and sit with her while she drank. Eventually, the child went outside to Davis’ vehicle to sleep, while she stayed inside and continued to drink.

According to police reports, Davis got into a fight with several people inside the bar. It’s reported that she even threw a drink at one person before continuing the argument outside her vehicle. When she tried to drive off and flee the scene, a bar employee took her keys so Davis decided to flee on foot and left the child unattended.

Pinellas County deputies say when they arrived they spent 30 minutes trying to calm Davis down. However, she was blaming the child for the incident and claimed it was his fault for not giving her keys back.

According to News Channel 8, after Davis was arrested, she punched and bit a deputy while she was being taken to a transport van. She now faces charges of battery on a law enforcement officer and neglect of a child.

[Source: News Channel 8]