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Some people have no class or manners. Video surveillance from July 17 at Hubbard’s Marina at John’s Pass showed a woman who just couldn’t hold it in any longer! Shout out to one of our listeners, Laurie Hubbard, for bringing this to our attention! According to the video, the unidentified woman walked up to what looked like a closed restaurant deck, luckily found an empty bucket sitting there and began pulling up her dress. She was accompanied by some of her family members, a man even stepped behind her and hovered over her to obstruct the view from other bystanders. But I bet that didn’t cover up the smell, I think some people nearby caught on and left the woman to her stinky business.

The man tried to stay incognito by scrolling on his phone as people walked by, pretending everything is normal. But he couldn’t take it anymore and had to cover his nose with his shirt…. Not giving away anything there. He must really love her, because there is no way I could stand over someone as they take a #2. Around half way through the footage, he looks up and realizes Big Brother is watching and starts to laugh. The woman has to finish her business when children and the rest of the family show up. She then stands up like was just tying her shoe and walks off, almost forgetting her belongings (although we kinda wish she did.) As the man goes back to get her purse and phone, he is shown coughing from the STANK she left behind. The family walks away like they didn’t just leave a smelly present for a poor worker in the morning.

Watch the whole video below!