Rob Gronkowski announces his retirement after 11 NFL seasons.

After Tom Brady retired and then unretired the next logical question was, is Gronk coming back?

Many thought he would return to join his friend The GOAT for another season, but the 33-year-old tight end announced his retirement today (6/21) via social media.

“I will now be going back to my retirement home, walking away from football again with my head high knowing I gave it everything I had, good or bad, every time I stepped out on the field.”

The five-time Pro Bowler concluded, ” Cheers to what’s next, maybe sailing the seas Arghhhhhh!!”

Gronk retired briefly before the 2019 season and made the rounds on TV even on FOX’s The Masked Singer. When Tom Brady announced he was making the move from New England to Tampa Bay, Gronk soon followed coming out of retirement and returning for the 2020 season.

That choice ended up paying off when he was able to help lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win a Super Bowl, and for him it was his fourth.

After playing 9 seasons for the Patriots and 2 for the Buccaneers he was a restricted free agent going into this season with 621 receptions for 9,286 yards and 92 touchdowns.

Can’t wait to see what is next for Gronk, most likely the Hall of Fame.


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