This is not the first time.

With gas prices seemingly rising by the minute, it was just a matter of time before someone tried to steal it. Authorities say that’s what happened in Central Florida recently after they apprehended several men who they say stole over a thousand gallons of gasoline from a single gas station. The theft took place in St. Cloud, Florida and involved two separate Ford F250 pickup trucks. Both trucks were painted white and equipped with huge hidden bladders in their beds that are capable of holding hundreds of gallons of fuel. All of the stolen fuel was diesel and totalled about $6,000. The theft took place over several hours, as each truck filled up and then left, only to return later for more fuel. The scam isn’t anything new. A ripoff in Houston recently netted the theives about $8,000 in fuel. Investigators also recently found a truck in Las Vegas that had been fitted with massive tanks that were hidden from view. Police say that some of the thieves have used gadgets called pulsators, which trick the pump into charging only a penny a gallon for fuel. Investigators say as soon as one theft ring is caught, another springs up in its place. Source:

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