The device makes the pump work without charging the customer.

Police in Miami say they have arrested a man who managed to get over 200 gallons of gas for free. The scheme has been done before, but this time the man came back on two separate days for the crimes.

According to Local 10, investigators say 29-year-old Reinier Delgado Alvareze installed a device on a gas pump that allowed him to pump as much gasoline as he wanted…for free! They say the man pulled his truck up to a pump and pumped 2about 200 gallons with no charge.

Surveillance cameras show the suspect filling his own vehicle before another man pulls up in another vehicle, which is then filled, too. Authorities say the truck was equipped with a bladder in its bed that held hundreds of gallons of fuel.

In past capers, thieves pull up to pump, install a device that tricks the pump into dispensing fuel for free and then fill their vehicles (and often huge auxiliary tanks) with free gas. Once procured, the stolen gasoline is often sold on the black market.

When taken into custody, the suspect was charged with fraud, theft and possession of an illegal tank.


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