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Musk was cordial, but firm.

Elon Musk is in an ongoing bargaining session with a Florida man who built an app that tracks the exact location of Musk’s private jet.

According to Click Orlando, the Tesla and SpaceX owner corresponded with the UCF student recently, offering him $5,000 to sell it to the billionaire and shut down the Twitter app. Jack Sweeny is a freshman at the University Central Florida who has gained notoriety for an app he designed that uses an algorithm to track the location of Musk’s private jet.

Citing the app as a genuine security risk, Musk offered the man a cash payment of $5,000 for it. Sweeny countered by asking for $50,000 or a new Tesla car. Sweeny, who is 19-years-old started the Twitter handle @Elonjet, which users can use to determine the exact location of the private jet.

The information, he says, is obtained by using the jet’s transponder, which gives a current location to airports and other official agencies. The app even shows when the airplane moves, where it’s going and estimated flight time.

Musk has been cordial so far, negotiating and discussing the issue with Sweeny. Musk did, however, call air traffic control “primitive”.

The app currently has abut 100,000 followers. Musk was quoted to say “it doesn’t seem right to pay to shut it down”. Then again, he said he “doesn’t want to get shot down by a nutcase”.

Sweeny is waiting for a reply after his counter-offer, but hasn’t yet heard from Musk.


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