Authorities remind us not to get close to the water.

Yep, it’s the stuff of nightmares. An elderly homeless woman decided to take a quick nap in St. Pete last night when she was approached and attacked by an alligator.

According to WFLA, the woman had taken refuge in the mangroves along 4th Street South in St. Pete. As she slept, an alligator crept up and attacked her.

It’s not clear how the woman fought off or escaped form the beast, but the St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue Department responded and provided treatment for the woman. Authorities remind any one who gets close to a body of water in Florida to take extreme caution.

Alligators are especially dangerous during mating season and around sunrise and sunset. Floridians are discouraged from getting close to the edge of any body of water.

The same applies to family pets. The woman was rushed to Baycare Health on a trauma alert.


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