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Bishop Sycamore is said to be an online Charter School.

IMG Academy is known for being one of the top high school football programs in the country.

They regularly send players to college football powerhouses year in and year out. This makes IMG games a big draw for college football fans and particularly those who watch their games on ESPN.

Well, this past weekend “the world wide leader in sports” may have been duped by a reportedly “fake” high school. In what was a game that was no contest from the start, Florida’s IMG defeated Ohio’s Bishop Sycamore 58-0.

The commentators were quick to realize that Sycamore was not only outmatched, but apparently an illegitimate program altogether.

Throughout the drubbing, Sycamore’s players suffered frequent injuries and had no apparent background information. To make things even more sketchy, according to Complex, it has also been reported that Sycamore’s head coach, Roy Johnson, has a warrant out for his arrest.

The school apparently played two games in three days, which would explain the frequent injuries. Not only this, but the team was also made up of mostly junior college dropouts, not even close to high school age.

Put all this together and you get one of the craziest sports stories of the year thus far. For IMG Academy, it doesn’t really matter, they’ll continue to steamroll most opponents they play anyway.


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