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It’s been 45 years today (August 16) since the world lost Elvis Presley, one of the biggest, most celebrated icons of the music world.

He had everything. Talent…charisma…looks. Even looking back at the earliest performances of his career will make you feel all tingly.

To celebrate his life and career, check out the videos below. Long live the King.

  • 'Jailhouse Rock'

    Out of all the musical performances from Elvis’ film career, this is probably the best one.

  • 'Elders React To Elvis Presley'

    Honestly, watching some of these women swoon will kind of make you do the same.

  • 'Elvis, Aloha From Hawaii'

    Satellite technology was still pretty new when Aloha From Hawaii debuted in 1973, but it was definitely a sign of the future, especially since an estimated 1-1.5 billion people tuned in to see Elvis in that infamous white jumpsuit.

  • Anything from 'The ’68 Comeback Special'

    Seriously, the entire “’68 Comeback Special” is gold.  It’s hard to pick a favorite performance, but this rendition of “One Night” is rather amazing.

  • Graceland Candlelight Vigil

    Graceland hosts a beautiful candlelight vigil during “Elvis Week” to honor the anniversary of Presley’s passing. The event is livestreamed, and you can see a clip from this year’s vigil below.

  • Tour of 'The Guest House'

    Speaking of Graceland, “The Guest House,” an Elvis resort in Memphis, opened in 2016. Honestly, we’ve now added it to our “Bucket List.” Check out a tour of the hotel below!