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Rolling Stones Release ‘Sweet Sounds of Heaven,’ Featuring Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder

The Rolling Stones have released  "Sweet Sounds of Heaven," the second single off their upcoming album Hackney Diamonds. "Sweet Sounds of Heaven" isn't just any Stones song, as it features a bravura vocal performance by Lady Gaga, plus Stevie Wonder on Fender Rhodes, Moog and piano. Listen to the new tune below. "Sweet Sounds of Heaven" came together spontaneously. "Jagger was at his home in London one sunny afternoon, the leaves were rustling as the wind blew through the trees around outside, and he started playing a chord pattern of C, F and B Flat on his piano," a press release explains. Suddenly, the song was born. As we [inlink id="rolling-stones-lady-gaga-collaboration" text="previously reported"], the collaboration came about because Gaga and the Stones were at the same recording studio at the same time working on new music. The pop star asked if she could stop by and say hello. During this session, the band was working on the song "Sweet Sounds of Heaven."  Mick Jagger said, "She just walked in, in front of me, and she just curled up in a ball in front of me on the floor, and then someone gave her a mic, and she started singing 'oohs' and 'ahs.'" As with most Stones songs, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards co-wrote it. During sessions in Los Angeles, Stones producer Andrew Watt invited Stevie Wonder and Lady Gaga to work on the song. Both of them had worked with the band before, Gaga as part of the 50 & Counting tour in 2012 and Wonder on their American Tour in 1972 regularly performing a medley of “Satisfaction” and “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)”. So, the two took the Stones up on the offer. Hackney Diamonds will be The Rolling Stones' first album produced by Watt. The album will arrive on Oct. 20 via Geffen Records. Rolling Stones, "Sweet Sounds of Heaven": [select-gallery gallery_id="352565" syndication_name="rolling-stones-best-songs-ranked" description="yes"]

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