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Where To Get Sandbags In St. Pete

With Hurricane season upon us and the NOAA predicting a very active Hurricane Season, it’s important to be prepared. In St. Pete residents can get up to 10 sandbags per household. Some locations are self-service and other locations are full-service. To get sandbags you'll need to provide a driver's license or proof of residence. Not to scare you but the NOAA is forecasting between 17 and 25 named storms. 8 to 13 hurricanes with 4 to 7 of those being major hurricanes (Cat 3 and up) this year. One of the major driving forces to their prediction is the water temperature. The water is already is the 80's which normally doesn't happen until July or August. So the water is going to get warmer and that's not a go thing. Related: 2024 Florida Hurricane Tax Free Holiday List For the newcomers to our lovely city, you should check out The City of St. Pete’s hurricane resource center. It's a great site to learn what flood zones you're in, locations for shelters in case of evacuation, and much more helpful information. Now when a storm is heading our direction and it's time to sandbag up. With the help of I Love The Burg, we found a list of sandbag locations in St. Pete. Here's the list: Self-Service LocationsHours of Operation: Monday to Friday – 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Lake Vista Tennis Court Parking Lot – 12th St. S. & 60th Ave. S.  Lakewood Sports Complex Parking Lot – 2001 Country Club Way S.  Grandview Park Parking Lot – 3734-3814 6th St. S.  Childs Park Pool Parking Lot – 1227 43rd St. S.  Campbell Park Shelter Area Parking Lot – 1360 5th Ave. S. (Adjacent to Interstate 175)  Azalea Athletic Fields Parking Lot – 1600 72nd St. N.  Walter Fuller Soccer Field Parking Lot – 2800 75th St. N.  Garden Club of St. Petersburg – 500 Sunset Dr. So.   Full-Service LocationsHours of Operation: Monday to Friday – 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Northeast Park – 955 62nd Ave. NE.  Lake Maggiore Shelter Area – 3601 Dr Martin Luther King Jr. St. S.   Northwest Swimming Pool Parking Lot – 2331 60th St. N.  Just a heads up, these locations are not open year-round.

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