A fun time for “gear heads” lurking in the shadows is the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum. Located in Pinellas Park, just off of US Highway 19 sits the hidden gem. You can get in for just under $15, making the museum friendly for all budgets.

Rather than just showing off glamorous motorized vehicles and their looks, the museum taps into the engineering side of things. Included are such automobiles like the first with front-wheel drive, and the first with hydraulic brakes.

You’ll see a lot of industry firsts within this gallery. Vehicles in the museum range all the way from back in the 1800’s to the late 20th century. The Tampa Bay Automobile Museum promises to entertain and inform, all as you stroll leisurely in air-conditioned comfort.

I took a trip through the rows of beautifully designed cars from the last century or so, stopping to learn how each one had a positive impact on vehicle technology. Most of the vehicles are from Europe, so if you know someone from anywhere other than America, they are sure to relive some of their youth here. You’ll see Soviet-era cars, French Citroens and  even an experimental 1965 Ford Mustang with all-wheel drive! Take a few minutes and explore how an electric car from over a hundred years ago functioned.

Marvel at the stunning design lines on a flawless Delahey. The Tampa Bay Automobile Museum is a romantic look at design, engineering and the pure beauty of automobiles across the planet. Another bonus? Pictures and video are encouraged!

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