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Is This The Most Disgusting Old Pillow Ever?

This very well could be the most disgusting old pillow ever. Have you ever looked at an old stained pillow? This is worse. Like us, pillows get old. Sometimes they age nicely and don't change much. Other times they completely change and become yellow, stained, and disgusting. However, this one could top the cake. Is this the most disgusting old pillow ever? This Could Be The Most Disgusting Old Pillow Of All-Time Understandably, you probably don't want to look at old pillows. They are not great to look at. They become yellow, gross, stained, and can be hard to look at. You start to realize what you're putting your head on every night and all you have protecting your face is a tiny, little, thin pillowcase. Once you look at the pillow you'll realize that one pillow case probably isn't enough. While all pillows eventually go through it. This woman's disgusting old pillow could be the worst of the worst. The woman goes by @effy6stonem on X (formerly Twitter). She shared a picture of her old pillow saying, "I got a new pillow, have to say goodbye to my old one :( mom saw it and got mad." Darn right she did! How can you put your head on that! I've had some bad ones over the years that I definitely overused. However, it doesn't hold a candle to this. Honestly, looking at a picture of this pillow makes me never want to use a pillow again. Now my head is really spinning. What do pillows at hotels look like? Do they use a new one for every guest? I really hope so! I do not want my head anywhere near anything that looks like this pillow! The post now has more than 12.5 million views and climbing. According to The New York Post, one person even described it looking "like a giant tea bag." Ah! I can't even think about it. Ready to see it? Are you sure? It could change your life forever. Alright. Check out the post below! Use this as a reminder that it's time to change your pillow. https://twitter.com/effy6stonem/status/1801557549503614997

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