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Now on 98.7 The Shark! The 5 time Gracie Award winning radio show, Cooper Lawrence and Anthony Michaels. Cooper and Anthony.

Cooper and Anthony

Hi, we’re Cooper and Anthony and we have been doing radio together for lots o’years.  What you need to know about us:  if you say “pumpkin spice latte” in the mirror three times, Anthony will appear and tell you his favorite things about Harley Davidson. Cooper is all about fitness…Fittin-this whole slice of pizza in her mouth and 15% of her income goes towards dog toys. If Cooper looks familiar, she used to do a show with Scott Baio and Jason Hervey on VH1 called Confessions of a Teen Idol or maybe you saw her on Dish Nation or The Today Show prattling on about something. If Anthony looks familiar he probably flipped you off in traffic.


Cooper and Anthony

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