Dreams can be many things. They can be fun, strange or terrifying. Sometimes you will remember your dreams and sometimes you may have no recollection. Also, no one really knows where dreams come from.

Myvision.org looked into the most common dreams in the US., the most common dreams in Florida and specifically Tampa.

In the study, they looked at 9,000 Google search terms about dreaming or dreams over the last 2 years. There were some commonalities among states in the same region, like in southern states like Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi snakes were a popular dream. So it should come as no surprise that in Florida, the most common dream is about alligators.

Not a nightmare, this actually happened!

The Top 10 Dreams in the US:

  • #10 Cheating Partner

  • #9 Cats

  • #8 Tornadoes

  • #7 An Ex/Exes

  • #6 Spiders

  • #5 Being Pregnant

  • #4 Love interest/Crush

  • #3 Horses

  • #2 Snakes

  • #1 Teeth/Losing Teeth