To me, death has never been taboo. It’s something a lot of us think about but never speak on. Death is a topic some people prefer not to discuss, but we cannot escape it. Nobody has ever managed to escape it.

People die every single day, which isn’t a fun thing to talk about. That’s why we have to live every day as if it were our last. Oh, and we have heard all the jokes about how Florida is “God’s Waiting Room”, too. According to the CDC, the average age of death in Florida is 79 years old as of 2019.

It may not be pleasant, but it is a part of life. I think you will enjoy this list if you are a morbid person, just like me. All 2020 data are final. 2020 birth data come from the National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) via CDC WONDER; 2020 death data, including leading causes of death, firearm mortality, homicide, drug overdose mortality, and infant mortality, come from the NVSS via CDC WONDER and rankings and rates are based on 2020 age-adjusted death rates. The following is a list of Florida’s leading causes of death. You can see more on deaths in Florida here. Check out the list and see what the number one cause of death in Florida is. Take care, my friends.

  • 10. Influenza and Pneumonia

    Protect yourself and you can see more on Influenza/Pneumonia in Florida here.

  • 9. Chronic Liver Disease/Cirrhosis

    You can see more on Chronic Liver Disease/Cirrhosis deaths here.

  • 8. Alzheimer’s Disease

    This disease is such an awful thing. I have had many family members touched by Alzheimer’s and it is often called a family disease, because watching a loved one slowly decline affects everyone. You can see more on Alzheimer’s in Florida and the death rate here.

  • 7. Diabetes

    You can see more on diabetes here.

  • 6. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases

    These are deaths from various lung diseases including asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. You can see more on chronic lower respiratory diseases here.

  • 5. Stroke

    You can see more on stroke-related deaths here.

  • 4. Accidents

    You can see more on accidental deaths here.

  • 3. COVID-19

    You can see more on COVID-19 here.

  • 2. Cancer

    You can see more about cancer in Florida here.

  • 1. Heart Disease

    Heart disease, a common cause of death in Florida, is caused by the narrowing of blood vessels in the heart, a condition linked with high blood pressure and cholesterol. Heart disease can be treated by improving your diet, exercising, and understanding your risk factors. You can see more on heart disease deaths in Florida here.