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Florida is known for its summer heat and ridiculous humidity levels. So it’s a no-brainer that we have 4 cities that landed it the top 10 sweatiest cities in America. On average, Florida’s humidity percentage ranges between 70%-90%, which means we’re used to sweating here in the Sunshine State. Tampa just barely made the list at number #11, which makes sense because if I’m outside for more than 5 minutes, my shirt is soaked.

How would you even measure sweat in metropolitan cities? Well, this data is collected by combining weather, sweat factors, and ways to cool off. The weather factors to consider are the average summer temperature, average humidity in July, and days above 90 degrees (which feels like everyday here in Florida.) They also considered public transportation, events, population and exercise rates for sweat factors. The reason Tampa probably wasn’t in the top 10 is because we have a lot of cooling off factors, such as strong winds from the Gulf.

How do you stay cool during the dread of summer? I personally love finding fun indoor activities, like going to the Trop for Rays games. Or are you one of those crazy people that bike the Courtney Campbell during the day?

MyDatingAdviser.com compiled a ranking of the sweatiest cities in America by comparing the 200 largest metro areas. Click here to see how each major city in the U.S. ranks in sweatiness.