Ted Kamikaze

Weeknights 7pm - Midnight

Why go out to a brewery just to sip and stare at your phone? Arcade bars are the newest business trend that’s invading Tampa Bay. It is exactly what it sounds like, they combine the love for alcohol and classic arcade games that makes you so nostalgic. These bars aren’t filled with just your classic dive bar games like pool or darts, they bring in classic arcade games like Pacman, Donkey Kong, and Mangala. Save your quarters and get ready to jump back in time and feel like a kid again, but with beer!

Spice it up by visiting any of these arcade bars on our list to maximize your night out! These spots are located all around the Tampa Bay area! So it doesn’t matter what side of the bridge you’re on, there’s classic fun to be had everywhere. Grab your quarters and get playing. Many places on our list have themed nights and discounted playing hours, so check their social media or website to see if they’re rockin’ any awesome deals.

What are some of your favorite classic arcade games? I personally rock Pacman and I love some bubble hockey!