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With gas prices in Florida soaring above $4 the first full week of March 2022 many of us are trying to figure out how to save money and maximize the fuel that we do pay for.

On Tuesday, (3/8) Florida gas prices averaged $4.15 a gallon and the that makes it the highest price ever recorded. Experts are not anticipating a break on these prices anytime soon with the continuing unrest in Europe and spring break approaching. AAA has a bunch of resources on how to save money on fuel and how to maximize your fuel efficiency.

Here are 5 tips that you can start today that can help you get the most out of your gas tank.

  • 1. Watch The Speed Limit

    Obey the speed limits and try to avoid hard acceleration. If you are driving long distances, use cruise control to maintain a constant speed.

  • 2. Tire Pressure

    Make sure your tire pressure is at what is recommended for your vehicle. Having low tire pressure can affect fuel economy.

  • 3. Stay At Half A Tank

    You may have to fill up a bit more often, but it’s a good rule of thumb and its a lot better to see what half a tank costs vs a full tank. The sticker shock is enough to ruin your day.

  • 4. Check Prices

    Using an app like GasBuddy can help you locate good gas prices in your area.

  • 5. Reward Programs

    See if there are places that offer gas rewards or discounted gas for members. Every little bit helps, right?

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