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The Orlando theme parks are always looking to entice you with new rides and attractions – but to make room, sometimes that means doing away with some older, dated and less popular ones. Universal Orlando announced last night that 5 attractions that are going away. You will have until January 15, 2023 to visit them though if you’d like to experience them one more time, according to a tweet last night. No word yet on what’s replacing them. Here are the attractions that will be going away… as well as a handful that will remain open.

  • STAYING: The E.T. Adventure

    This one first opened in 1980! E.T.’s home planet is dying and it’s your mission to help save it on a flying bike.

  • GOING AWAY: Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster

    This was a first rollercoaster for little ones. Lots of puns and corny jokes like the cartoon.

  • GOING AWAY: Fievel's Playland

    Inspired by the movies “An American Tail” and “Fievel Goes West,” this playground has oversized props and a 30 foot spider web, rope bridges, a giant cowboy boot and a 1,000 gallon cowboy hat.

  • STAYING: Animal Actors on Location!

    A showcase featuring some animals from popular movies and TV shows.

  • GOING AWAY: Curious George Goes To Town

    Another playground… this one had a water play area and kids could blast and launch thousands of soft foam balls.

  • GOING AWAY: Shrek and Donkey’s Meet and Greet

    Last on the chopping block is this spot for kids to say hello to the big green ogre, his wise-cracking sidekick and Princess Fiona.

  • STAYING: SpongeBob StorePants

    Get your photo with SpongeBob and peek inside a replica of his pineapple house.

  • GOING AWAY: Dreamworks Destination

    A sad loss for fans of Madagascar, Trolls, Puss in Boots, and Kung Fu Panda. This interactive experience lets kids meet and dance with the characters.

  • STAYING: KidZone Pizza Company

    A colorful walk up spot to grab a bite to eat in KidZone.