Here is a list of 5 things you should purchase in Florida for March 2022.

According to retail experts there are always certain months that you want to purchase specific items.

The month of March coincides with spring break, summer travel planning, and Easter preparations. So, to help you take full advantage of the best spring savings, RetailMeNot used their internal discount data to calculate average discounts in March. From the research, these are the top five categories you should consider buying in Florida.

  • 1. Tax Software

    If you haven’t done your taxes yet, the average discount is 35% off in March. The top tax software companies are competing for your business, which benefits you with discounts and hopefully big return!

  • 2. Sunglasses

    The average discount on sunglasses is 27% off. They are a staple for any Floridan’s wardrobe. With it still being cold are dreary in other areas in the United States, this is your time to cash in on some big savings and get an awesome pair of shades. 

  • 3. Travel: Hotels, Resorts, etc.

    The average discount, if you are looking to travel, is 18% off. It’s probably too late to take advantage of deals for spring break travel, but think about booking early for your summer vacation and it could yield big savings! 

  • 4. Kids’ Apparel

    Since kids grow like weeds and their clothes take a beating, parents are always looking for deals on kids clothing and retailers are hip to that. Plus, Easter is just around the corner, so you’ll likely see some enticing offers on adorable Easter dresses and suits. Plus, buy your Florida kid a new bathing suit in the spring when less parents are looking for them. You will have a bigger selection and maybe save some cash. 

  • 5. Outdoor Sports & Fitness Products

    The average discount for this in March is 26% off. Discounts on everything from running shoes, to kayaks, to sporting equipment, to athletic wear that us Floridians can use year round.